Hello and welcome to Jack Attack Wikia. On this wiki you will make battles and most of all be awesome!

Picture Of The Day havnt been on in a bit! But oh well i hope you deside to come on and post some more battles i might make on with my cuz tonight i got i him into watching deadliestwarrior on netflix! Haha just trying to make you proud ben! Spending more and more time on the wikia since our "fight" haha... But if you do read this soon just post on my talk page because i was to lazy to sign in and i just wanted every one to see what i had to say but it was mainly derected towards you... I'll sign in later... AND SPEND MORE TIME ON THIS WIKIA YOUR THE ONLY ONE ON YOUR WIKIA!!!!!!!!!! PLEESE



Jack Blair

Random pic. Because i can! STOP STARING BEN! Haha who else goes on this wikia i might ask niall to go on he hasnt in a bit...

Faith welcome to wiki Ben will probebly make you an account and if you want you can change the pic or anything you want I am so board so i am writing on the home page la dee da da da i am so board ben if you are on call me i am so board

why dont i write that i am so board