James Bond deadly british agent who gave the word spy an entire difrent meening vs Solid Snake, the clone of Big Boss and the soldier equivalent of an army.

WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: James Bond
James bond pierce brosnan 007
Solid Snake
Close range: Fairbairn-Sykes dagger
Stun knife
Stun knife
Mid range: Walther PPK
Walther ppk 007 syIx3Hn6RgkM
MK. 2 pistol
Browning MK2 L
Long range: Dragunov rifle
348710 akdragunov002
Explosive: RDG-5 grenade
Rgd5 1
Special: Laser watch
4 omega laser left
Guided missle
Javelin missile US-Army


Snake is in an abandon warehouse on a mission. He hears a noise and turns around to see a RDG-5 grenade right under him. He jumps out of the way as it explodes behind him but does no damage. Snake spots the thrower of the grenade it is James Bond with his dragunov rifle in his hand, Snake throws a F1 grenade at Bond but he shoots it in mid air causing it to explode before it is close enough to do any damage. James fires 2 rounds from his draunov one missing the other one hits Snake in the arm. Snake grabs his arm in pain but recovers quickly, he grabs his AN94 and shoots at Bond, Bond is able to dodge most of them exept for 1 that hits his rifle and makes it useless. James drops the rifle and uses his walther PPK he shoots Snake in his knee. Snake runs out of bullets and starts using his Mk 2 and hits James in the leg. James ignores the pain and hides behind a box and shoots at Snake until he runs out of bullets, Snake also runs out of bullets and charges Bond with his stun knife. Bond pulls out his dagger and also charges his opponent. They have a short knife fight they both disarm each other Snake kicks James in the face and punches him in the back of the head. James gets of the floor and elbows Snake in the nose. Snake backs off and uses his last weapon his guided missle he is sure this will save life so he fires a missle at Bond but Bond shoots the missle with his laser watch before it is even half way out of the launcher making it explode in his face and blasting him into a wall.Snake got back up in an instant, and grabs his stun knife, quickly running through the smoke at a shocked Bond. Bond not being ready tries to disarm Snake only to get the stun knife right to his neck. Snake fires off the knife's stun charge, killing James instantly. Snake looks back to the dead body before finishing his mission.

Winner: Solid Snake.